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Rushwood Race 2017 by Walter F Hendrick

I haven’t been able to do many races this year due to a sore and injured knee, but I didn’t want to miss Rushwood so when my knee was feeling pretty good, I decided to do the long drive and sleep in my car and participate in the race.

Registration and Festival

Registration appeared to be faster than last year, but it was still not a really fast process. They had it broken down by sections of the alphabet and I think they should consider adding a few more lanes and breaking down the alphabet to less letters per lane. The festival area was set up nice and worked really well for both

Warrior Race Special Episode – English Only

Marie-Claude and Seb were at the Warrior Race in Nelspruit South Africa, and were able to get a quick interview with Jonathan Harr, course director for the race. How do they manage the different ability levels, build amazing (and tough) obstacles out of wood without any nails, and have so much branding and sponsorship? Listen to find out!


Big Fork, Montana once again played host to the Montana Spartan Beast and Sprint Weekend. The weekend consisted of the Beast on Saturday, Hurricane Heat Saturday evening, and the Sprint on Sunday. The Beast course was ~20.4 km long with 34 obstacles and ~940 m of elevation gain. The Sprint course was ~8.6 km long with ~440 m of elevation gain and 22 obstacles.


Spectator Friendly: There were a number of easily accessible vantage points that allowed spectators to see a number of different obstacles. In one particular location spectators could watch racers take on Olympus, Hercules Hoist, Rope Climb, and the Sandbag Carry, the course would eventually loop back to