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Prison Break Hamilton Review

I have run and participated in just about every well know OCR in Canada but, Prison Break so when the chance came to do the Hamilton race/venue I jumped on it.

• Registration and Festival:

I arrived later in the day so registration was pretty much done, but it moved nice and fast for me. The festival area is setup between the start of the race and finish and everything is easy to find.

• Pre-race MC:

This was the first time I heard this MC Philippe Mainville and I must say, I really enjoyed him. He was funny and did a good job firing

The 1st Annual Capital OCR Athletic Banquet by Jonathan Provost

With the influx of so many new and incredible local races into the National Capital Region, the launch of OCR Academy, the discovery and transformation of so many top level athletes, the NCR has become a central OCR hub, bringing together the best in people, small businesses and charity activities. What better way to celebrate our 2016 achievements of the past several years, and to launch the start of what is gearing up to be an even more epic year, than with an Athletics Banquet, hosted by Capital OCR on February 26th. The event brought together the racing community (teammates, local supporters, peers,

The OCR World Championships Will Return to Blue Mountain in 2017 by Adam Kwitko

The Obstacle Course Racing World Championships will return to Blue Mountain, Ontario for the second consecutive year on October 13-15, 2017. The 2016 edition of OCRWC saw considerable improvements to the overall quality of obstacles featured on course, including bigger and more impressive structures, many of which were contributed by race series throughout Canada (Dead End Race), the US and Europe. Platinum Rig was also out in full force with four obstacles which included: two platinum Rigs, an Irish Table and the Samurai, which proved to be perhaps too complex for many 3km short course athletes. Considering the substantial improvements in event quality from year