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Warrior Race Special Episode – English Only

Marie-Claude and Seb were at the Warrior Race in Nelspruit South Africa, and were able to get a quick interview with Jonathan Harr, course director for the race. How do they manage the different ability levels, build amazing (and tough) obstacles out of wood without any nails, and have so much branding and sponsorship? Listen to find out!

Jesse Bruce on his past challenges and current motivation by Adam Kwitko

Jesse Bruce has been a constant on Eastern Canada obstacle course racing podiums since 2014. His Alpha Obstacle Training facility is a fixture in the Toronto OCR community where he trains and motivates athletes of all levels. However, despite Jesse's recent success, he had to overcome a challenging past to become the inspiration he is today. We caught up with Jesse Bruce to uncover the life obstacles he conquered, his charitable endeavors and how he stays motivated.

AK: You often post about the challenges you encountered up to this point in your life including addiction, drug dealing and stints


Q&A with Adam Felt, Toughest Marketing Director

Although they don’t get much exposure in North America, Toughest, a race series based in Sweden, has been making waves on the other side of the Atlantic. It’s not hard to see why: they are putting on large-scale races, spectacular special events and have come up with exciting solutions to some of the problems most talked about in OCR circles (penalties, elite waves, obstacle difficulty, TV coverage…). I am really excited to participate in their upcoming race in Oslo, along with fellow Canadians and Battlefrog Team powerhouses Claude Godbout and Marco Bédard, as well as Platinum Rig mastermind Dom and his long-suffering better half Chantal. To learn more about Toughest, I did