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Conquering Your Fear Of Heights | By OCR Academy SGX Coach James Drew

The Rope Climb is one of the hardest obstacles in any Obstacle Course Race Series and for some it’s harder to conquer than others. The rope climb has two factors you need to conquer before you’re able to complete this obstacle. First off, which comes down to the individual, is a fear of heights. Unfortunately we don’t have any tricks for helping with that, except for don’t look down. The second factor is physical; this is where we come in. The rope climb has many components all working at the same time to conquer one goal. We need grip strength to grab on tightly to that rope so we don’t slide.

Vo2max, MAS and Me and Me and Me

It is a very technical article —I hope not too much — but the second part of this article will make your readers freak out!!! VO2 max, MAS and me and me and me ...We’ve all heard the terms of “VO2 max “and “MAS” (Maximal aerobic speed.) As a runner, why should I be interested in knowing about these? This is what we will learn in this article, which is separated in two parts. First, we will define these terms. Then, in the next article, we will move from theory to practice so you can plan your training strategy in a more concise way. Let's start with basic definitions:



The endorphin, hormone of happiness!

The benefits of training and physical activity are obvious. In addition to all the benefits to the body such as increased resistance, fitness , better speed, power and strength as well as improving the appearance , there are many psychological benefits to exercise regularly. Indeed, our mind is also greatly affected by exercise.

Among the many psychological benefits to train , the first and most obvious is the release of hormones. More specifically, the release of endorphins gives us a sense of calm and makes us feel more energetic and positive.

Endorphins are known for their analgesic properties . For this reason, endorphin is often