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The Barbwire Maze: How to Survive the Barbed Wire Crawl by Josh Stryde

Nothing screams OCR more then crawling through a muddy barbed wire maze. A obstacle for some, a great photo op for others. Regardless of where you stand preparing yourself before a race is not a bad idea. If you attended any obstacle courses last year you know the barbwire crawl is becoming more unpredictable than ever. It could be long, uphill, repetitive with obstacles in between, and shockingly low to the ground. You’re probably sporting some pretty battle wounds as we speak. “Oh boss, its nothing, I just occasionally roll through barbed wire mazes on weekends”. Rolling is generally the fastest way through, but not always possible. A tip to reduce dizziness,

Finding Inner Peace With the Bucket Carry by Josh Stryde

The thought of the bucket carry used to make me want to throw up. When it comes to bucket carry, most of us have the strength to carry it longer then we actually do. I’ve seen very tiny men and women power through twice the distance of bigger athletes. What gives them the adventage? Although you need a basic foundation of strength the true test of ability is your willingness to suffer, and dig deep into your own personal pain cave. The second you think “I have to drop this bucket” or “I don’t think I’ll make it” you failed mentally. We all have monkeys on our backs, and the monkeys get louder the